Flory company was founded in 2003 in Krusevac as a factory for cereal based instant baby food production. Production program was eventually extended to the general population, but only with products which are recognized and declared as a healthy food. Since 2012 Flory starts the production of organic food.

Production is based on the most up-to-date, worldly recognized technologies, paying much attention to scientific research, professional training and education of the employees and application of international quality standards.

Through buying of „Know-how“ technology from the Food Institute Comida Med from Rosbach – Germany, we merged the experience, knowledge and the latest technological solutions in the area of production of quality and healthy food for infants and small children. As a result, we now have a recognizable brand on our market, named Baby King, for children from 4 months and above.

From the very start of our production, we apply integrated quality system, through verified and internationally acknowledged HACCP quality standard. In this way we ensured top protection of our products. At the same time, we carry out the demands of the quality standard ISO 9001: 2008, as well as the environment protection standard ISO 14001: 2005 which confirms that the factory does not endanger environment by its production process.

HTUST (High Temperature Ultra Short Time) technology provides the highest quality level of our products, whereas completely mechanized and closed production system completely eliminates contamination risk. Used raw materials also have to satisfy the highest quality standards. Strict chemical and microbiological control of both raw materials in use and final products is carried out.

Complete control is done by three independent institutions: laboratory of company Flory Krusevac with top quality equipment, Institute for public health of Serbia and on an annual basis renowned laboratory in Germany.

With its development program, technologies and broad line of products, Flory fulfills the expectations of both domestic and foreign markets. Export orientation has made this company a stable partner in supplying quality products on many markets, which makes it a leader in its production branch. In a very short period, our products found their place both on Serbian market and the markets of the countries of Western Balkans, but also in Russian Federation, USA, New Zealand, Ukraine, Ghana, Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, Moldova, Ethiopia, Libya, Algeria, Sweden, Turkey, and Iran.

Flory was among the first companies in the region since 2012, to enter the program of organic production, at first in food for infants and young children, and then continued with the development of the range for the general population. We are certified from the beginning by regulations of Republic of Serbia, but also by very strict EU regulations. Our long-term plans are based precisely on the expansion of the production program of organic production and the desire to have a leading position in this segment.